• What is the Alpha Course? +

    The Alpha Course is a ten-week series of "dinner and discover." It is an opportunity to share a free meal together and make friends while exploring the meaning of life and engage in spiritual and Biblical discovery through stimulating discussion in a non-judgmental, fun and nonthreatening atmosphere. Anyone interested in learning more about the meaning of life and the Bible as a frame of reference is welcome to participate. There is usually a short presentation about spiritual issues from a Biblical perspective. You don't have to agree with everything you hear — the wonderful thing about Alpha is that the more diverse the participants, the more interesting the discussions. No question is considered too simple, too hostile or too personal. People of all ages, lifestyle, status and religious background will enjoy attending the Alpha Course.
  • Why would people attend the Alpha Course? +

    Everyone is welcome to attend and explore the meaning of life and whether God has any real relevance for their lives. Some want to investigate whether God exists or if there is any point to life, while others may be concerned about what happens after death. Still others may have attended church but feel they have never really understood the basics of the Christian faith.
  • What makes the Alpha Course different? +

    Most people think that the church is interested in changing your beliefs. With Alpha, you don't have to change your beliefs or your actions to belong or attend. You can belong to Alpha before you believe. Alpha presents a fun, real and non-threatening setting to engage in honest discussion. We want and value your input.
  • What is the structure of the Alpha Course? +

    The Alpha Course is a free ten week introduction to the Christian faith which is designed to provide a fun, safe and thought-provoking environment, primarily for non-churchgoers and those interested in entering into a discussion regarding spiritual matters. Each week's session involves dinner, a brief presentation on a spiritual issue from a Biblical perspective, and lively discussions around each table. The purpose is to allow people to explore what they believe and find out what Christians believe.
  • What is discussed at the Alpha Course? +

    The table discussions can focus on whatever the participants wish to talk about. However, the main presentations are intended to provide an engaging introduction to the basics of the Christian faith, which serves as the jumping-off point for the table discussion on what others think and believe.
  • Where did the Alpha Course originate? +

    The Alpha Course began at Holy Trinity Brompton church in London more than 25 years ago, and now runs successfully worldwide, in virtually all denominations and settings. Almost 7000 churches in North American now offer the course.
  • Is this a course for fundamental Christians? +

    The Alpha Course is run by churches of many different denominations, including Episcopalian, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal, Salvation Army and many more. All churches use the same materials making alterations only to suit their local church culture. One of the great distinguishing marks of the Alpha Course is that every major denomination in the world is using it.
  • How successful is the Alpha Course? +

    Worldwide, more than 25,000 courses are running in 135 different countries. More than 5 million people worldwide have completed the Alpha Course. Here in the United States, there are almost seven thousand courses listed.
  • What makes this course so successful? +

    Alpha addresses the relevance of the Bible through lively discussions in a fun, non-threatening setting, while addressing questions that everyone wants to know about, but may never have had a chance to ask. Alpha is a simple, dynamic and effective environment that allows spiritual issues to be discussed in a clear and non-threatening manner, particularly to those with no faith and to those who do not attend services regularly.
  • How many people do you expect will participate in the Alpha Course? +

    The range of course participation at Lone Hill has varied between 10 and 60 per course. Each course offers the same format and covers the same material.
  • How often will Lone Hill host the Alpha Course? +

    We offer the Alpha Course three times each year. It is offered beginning in September, January and April. For specific starting dates please call the church office, 408-266-4501.
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