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“Experiencing the Presence of Jesus”

A Christmas Series for Sunday Morning Messages

Christmas season is referred to as the Advent. It is a title in reference to Jesus’ coming as the Messiah. He was the fulfillment of the promised “Immanuel,” God with us. For the next four Sundays I will be sharing four messages on the incarnation, God coming in the flesh – the Advent. The prompting for these messages is not only the season, but also because experiencing the presence of Jesus is at the heart of our Vision and Mission Statements. We post them each Sunday morning, but I want to underline the significance of the Statements because at their heart is experiencing the presence of Jesus in your life through His Holy Spirit. What follows is a brief introduction to the importance of God’s presence with His people.

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Why the Cross? (Part 1)

"The Cross"

     “The Cross” — what does it call to your mind? A standing beam with a cross-member standing as a sentinel over a city, or as a prominent unmistakable symbol distinguishing a church’s building, or a smooth, polished, glistening cross adorning the sanctuary of a church, its chancel, or on a stained glass window. Perhaps you think of it as a beautiful piece of jewelry, or a simple ornament on a necklace chain or as hanging earrings. Or do you see an ornate, weighty cross of symbolic design and creative artistic expression worn by a priest, clergy, initiate, or a Christian pilgrim. A crucifix (a cross with a dying Jesus still on it) might be your image recalled by the phrase – “The Cross.” Or perhaps you see the scene suggested by the song: “On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross.”

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