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Sundays, 11:30 AM

Join us as Dave Baker takes us on a journey of unpacking the Old Testament book of Ruth.

  • May 5   - Lessons from the Book of Ruth
  • May 12 - Mother's Day (no class)
  • May 19 - "Billy Graham - An Extraordinary Journey" (Part 1)
  • May 26 - "Billy Graham - An Extraordinary Journey" (Part 2)
  • June 2  - Lessons from the Book of Ruth.
  • June 9  - Lessons from the Book of Ruth
  • June 16 - Father's Day (no class)
  • June 23 - Missions Report from Nathan Wells

Sundays, 6:00 PM

How to Deal With Anger
Anger touches everyone’s life, whether it is in your own anger or someone is angry with you. Our culture has become a culture of anger, so that anger and getting in someone else’s face is condoned, modeled, and publicly displayed. But Scripture teaches us that fits of anger are works of the flesh, and anger does not produce the righteousness of God. So our new series will address both dealing with our own anger and responding to the anger of others.

Evening Service Schedule, 6 PM:           

  • May 5 - Prayer and Praise Service
  • May 12 - Mother's Day (no Evening Service)
  • May 19 - How to Deal with Anger series: "Nature of Anger"
  • May 26 - How to Deal w/ Anger series: "Nature of Anger" Pt 2
  • June 2 - Prayer and Praise Service
  • June 9 - How to Deal with Anger series: "Symptoms of Anger"
  • June 16 - Father's Day (no Evening Service)