Second Hour

Family Worship & Bible Teaching

Second Hour Sunday Classes

Second Hour classes for adults and children begin at 11:30 a.m. This is a time for our fellowship to learn about the Bible and the Christian faith in age-appropriate ways.

Join Us for Our Current Classes

Adult Bible Class: "What We Believe"

Teacher:  Pastor Emeritus Ray Stamps

Join us for our Second Hour as we take a closer look at our Statement of Faith. Taking it section by section, Pastor Emeritus Stamps helps break down the essential Biblical doctrines of our Christian faith in a way that makes it easy to understand and know why we believe what we believe. Join us as all ages are welcome!

Children’s Bible Class: "Books of the Bible"

Teacher: Alethea Stamps

Join us as we memorize the books of the Bible and find out what is special about each book of the Bible and how they all fit together.

Sunday Worship

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What Makes Us Unique

Lone Hill Church Looks Forward to Your Visit

We know that Lone Hill Church isn’t for everyone. But it may be just the right place for you. If “mega-churches” are not for you, and you are looking for a smaller church community to help you get closer to Jesus, we are here for you. If you do not personally know Jesus, we will introduce you. If you know Him and want to continue to grow in His grace and the knowledge of Him, the community of believers at Lone Hill Church is here to support and encourage you. We invite you to join us on Sunday. You will find a friendly Christian family that wants to assist you in your faith journey.