Fellowship Groups

Opportunities for Fellowship in Christian Family Gatherings

Fellowship is an essential component of Christian living

We are the Body of Christ, and the Holy Spirit unifies us in worship, Bible study, building lasting relationships, and working toward growth in love and spiritual maturity.

Lone Hill offers many opportunities for real Christian fellowship. We interact and get to know other members personally. Fostering a family atmosphere among church members is one of the most valuable elements of an abundant Christian life that Lone Hill can offer its members.
Looking for more information on Lone Hill’s Fellowship? Check out “Fellowship Involvement” in our Marks of Maturity.

Small Groups

Accountability or Mentorship Partners

Many members of our congregation have established accountability or mentorship partnerships to help them in their faith journey. The location, times, and frequency of these meetings are set by the participants. We encourage all members of the Lone Hill community to engage in a one-on-one relationship with another of the same gender. By building a strong connection with another Christian, we build our connection to Christ.

Shepherding Groups

Our small groups meet at the church or in homes. We refer to our small groups as “Shepherding Groups.” Shepherding group members encourage one another, study together, serve in ministry together, and pray for each other. We encourage fellowship in small groups as a way to have a face-to-face relationship with other believers. Through these relationships we sense true belonging and personal spiritual care.

Men’s Ministries

The men of the church participate in many events throughout the year, including training classes, evangelistic and mission outreach.

Women’s Ministries

The women of the church enjoy seminars, prayer ministries, mission outreach, and a variety of fellowship opportunities.

Children & Youth

The children and youth learn together and have fun together discovering Jesus and the adventures of faith.

Watch the Church Calendar for the dates and times of open fellowship opportunities. If you are looking to join a small group—or establish a new group—contact the church office.

We hope you visit and join us in this great adventure of faith in Jesus Christ! We promise to help guide you to a deeper relationship with Jesus, with your fellow Christians, and to a meaningful ministry.

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